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Trying to live a live less ordinary

I grew up in what I thought was the perfect family, in what was a great place to be a kid. I went on to spend time in the military and a myriad of odd jobs. I loved working in hotels, and I was good at working with computers. What I wanted most of all was to leave a legacy of things worth reading, but what I wanted along the way is to live a life with no stones left unturned, no parties missed, nothing untried, and as much as possible, with no regrets. Writing things worth reading has led to this website. Writing about my own adventures, whether they are accounts of great triumphs or merely cautionary tales, is that this collection is about.

Just beginning

These reflections are not currently downloadable, though they may turn into a memoir at some point.

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I’m always thrilled to receive compliments, delighted to hear from old friends and family, appreciative of notes of typos, and receptive to criticism. Please send any of the above to tftorrey AT tftorrey DOT com.