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Taxi Adventure

Find the briefcase. Save the company. Win the girl. Before sunrise.

Fasten your seatbelts!

Horacio “Race” Rivera doesn’t want much. He drives a taxi for a quirky company in Phoenix, Arizona, and he likes his job. He’d like to keep driving his taxi, keep studying history, and, oh, yes, marry the owner’s daughter, Tiara Banks. Is that so hard? Of course it is. On the day Race decides to proclaim his love for Tiara to her father, Lucius, someone leaves a briefcase in Race’s taxi. When he goes to return it, however, Race finds it has been lifted from the company lost-and-found. What’s more, Lucius is on thin ice with the company’s new corporate partners, and the last thing he needs is bad publicity. Now, Race has to battle the company’s quirky drivers to find the missing briefcase and get it back to its owner. And even worse, whatever is in the briefcase is driving the owner to become increasingly hostile to get it back. What starts out as a sweet day of love and potential turns into the worst day of Race’s career. He’s got mere hours to straighten out the whole mess. And the clock is ticking…

On deck…

Taxi Adventure began as my 2007 attempt at the 3-Day Novel competition, but it grew larger and more complex than I could complete in that time. Then, life happened, and three days turned into years of development. With my new now After years of development, Taxi Adventure is closing in on publication. has become a good story, but like most other writing projects, it has evolved to be much more elaborate, textured, complicated and nuanced than my original vision. And like practically everything else I have ever done, it has taken much longer to finish than I hoped. Be that as it may, the work is drawing to a close, and I expect to have this released mid-July 2014.