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Second Wind

35 stories to chill and burn

From the west stirs an ominous breeze

Brace yourself.

A new batch of deviously original stories from T.F. Torrey is blowing in, with strange characters and surprising plots.

Scratch your head at the tales in Strange Days, where the “Storm Trees” react to a summer squall, everyone goes crazy for “The Red Balloon”, and a regular guy gets railroaded into “Suspicious Behavior”. Feel a chill at the stories in Nervous Nights, where a motorcyclist is trapped in a dark “Cycle”, and the “Ghost Runner” haunts the highways. In Men and Women, feel the glow of the “Hot Summer Night”, the tender saltiness “On The Beach”, and the jaw-dropping shock of “World of White”. In Life and Death, mourn “The Death of Karma”, relish the unanswered questions in “Above The Field Of Buttercups”, and feel the chill of “A Dark And Stormy Night”. Get ready to laugh at Silly People, where the subversive “Enemies Of The Library” operate in the shadows, where Victor Storm takes his nephew to the toy store, and where Larry Harrison suffers an ordinary night shift.

These and many more stories are churning in, and the forecast is for a dark and stormy night of fiction. This is the mighty Second Wind.

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The stories so far…

On The Beach
A couple talk about the good times on the beach.
American Made
Remember when quality mattered?
The Desert’s Revenge
A bad person gets his due in the desert.
Enemies Of The Library
You didn’t think the friends would go unchallenged, did you?
Hot Summer Night
A young couple create a memorable evening, and more.
Miss Direction
Elaborate street crime in the guise of good deeds.
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
Voluntary kindness becomes extorted.
The Red Balloon
An erstwhile balloon brings grief to a small town.
He can sure spin a quarter, but one night he goes too far.
Storm Trees
A variety of trees react to a summer storm.
Suspicious Behavior
If you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to delete.