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Me reading at Monsoon VoicesMy name is T.F. Torrey, and I write novels. I work to make my characters vulnerable and real, and my narrators are frequently unreliable. I try very hard to make my stories structured but unpredictable, inevitable yet unexpected, intelligent but dangerous. The result is often quirky and off-beat, and it usually doesn’t fit neatly into any one genre. My stories are certainly not for everyone, but to paraphrase a famous reviewer, people who like this kind of stuff will find this the kind of stuff they like. I also might be the luckiest person alive, because in the history of the world there has never been a better time to be a writer. This is a new golden age, and it’s better than I ever hoped for. I intend to make the most of it, and if you like good books, you should should subscribe to my newsletter and come back here often.

The Crazy Jack Trexlor Books

Noir novels featuring antihero artist Jack Trexlor, who is definitely not crazy.

The Crazy Jack
In 1980, Jack concocts a desperate plan to get a life of art for himself and justice for his girlfriend, who harbors a terrible secret.
The Desert King
In 1985, Jack reconnects with old friends and an enigmatic Navajo man, who leads them on a terrifying, high-speed adventure in the Arizona desert.
The Dancing Queen
In 1991, Jack dabbles in drugs, falls in love with a stripper, and gets double-crossed in one big deal designed to break them free.

The Crusader Stories

Novels about Victor Storm’s quest for meaning and justice

Winter Kills
A retired special forces soldier looking for wisdom and a simple life battles a desperate criminal and an inept bureaucracy after experiencing a terrible crime.
Spring Rains
Victor Storm decides to use his Special Forces powers for good, in a bad way.


Stories not part of a series … yet.

In a dystopian future where paper books are outlawed, a group of paper-book treasure hunters stumbles upon the find of a lifetime.
Taxi Adventure
An honest taxi driver and his girlfriend scramble to return a briefcase despite the company’s quirky drivers and the increasingly hostile man who lost it.

Short Story Singles

I’ve been writing short stories for a long time, and some of them are very good. I’m releasing a batch of the best on Amazon now. As each comes online, the links here will go live. These stories link straight to Amazon (and other retailers in the future), because e-reader sites are becoming the best places to preview content like this.

My short stories are all 99 cents, and if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read the whole bunch for no extra cost.

Cover of Above The Field Of Buttercups: A Short Story

Short Story Anthologies

My short story anthologies are currently off-line while while my short story singles are being promoted.

Second Wind
Quirky characters, strange haunts, and surprising twists abound in this collection of short stories of men and women, life and death, good books, and more.
First Lies
Stories of spirits and souls, demons and devils, cemeteries and ghosts, unexplained phenomena and random violence, imagined and tortured as only a beginning writer can.

And more

Other things hopefully of interest

A determined writer battles an entrenched industry, crushing obscurity, and the pitfalls of daily life to achieve sustainable success writing things worth reading. This isn’t fiction, this is my life.
A diverse mixture of essays, poems, and funny bits. Basically, everything that doesn’t fit somewhere else.
Infrequent, personal assessments of books and sometimes more, with an emphasis on the independent, quirky, and unique.
About T.F. Torrey
Essays, reflections, and other personal information make up this collection that is part memoir, part autobiography, and part tall tale.
About T.F. Torrey’s Website
Anyone curious about the licenses, privacy policy, creation software, and other information can find it here.

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