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Boring technical information

This is the personal website of author T.F. Torrey, the central point of his online life and writings. This website has been around in many forms since about 1999. T.F. Torrey uses a variety of software and resources to produce and distribute his work and this website. Professional websites are somewhat obliged to provide information about their privacy practices, licenses for using and reusing their content, and other things. These pages provide such information for T.F. Torrey’s website.

Good enough for now

This collection of pages should be all that is necessary to know, but I have ideas for more pages that might be interesting. When (and if) I add them, I will post the information in my weblog.

More information

More information about the conditions under which these pages, pictures, stories, and books, can be used and reused.
Privacy Policy
The official privacy policy of T.F. Torrey and his associated website, basically as pro-privacy as possible.


I’m is always thrilled to receive compliments, delighted to hear from old friends and family, appreciative of notes of typos, and receptive to criticism. Please send any of the above to tftorrey AT tftorrey DOT com.